Spring outlook!

It has been a long, cold winter for many of us! We have been walking around, shoulders hunched forward, taking shallow breathes, wrapped in scarves, hats pulled down over our ears.

Spring begins this week. Time to think tall. Get our heads back over our shoulders. Open our rib cages and breathe in.

This excellent illustration by Erik Dalton, called The 42 Pound Head, shows what happens to your vertebrae as the rest of your body is asked to support your now cantilevered head. This motion engages all of your body and can especially cause issues in the lower back.

So--think SPRING! Lift your rib cage out of your hips and inhale. You will feel ever so much better. You could also make an appointment with your massage therapist and your chiropractor.


A Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Give someone you love a Gift Certificate for a Massage Session - and while you are doing that - schedule a session for yourself! 

Alternative Therapies for Stress and AnxietyNatural strategies for dealing with stress Published on August 17, 2012 by Catherine Ulbricht, Pharm.D. in Natural Standard 

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives. Some feel anxious once in a while, when they have to visit the dentist or present a project at school. Others may feel tense on a daily basis, if they get stuck in rush hour traffic or have to run around to meetings all day. So what’s the best way to unwind and catch a break from a jam-packed schedule, barring a tropical vacation?


Lion pose and more

More self care information!
Get ready to put your best face forward with Yoga


Reflexology for Selfcare

My clients know I am committed to sharing selfcare techniques with them. This illustration of the reflex points on your feet is a great place to start your own selfcare program!

Free interactive reflexology maps & widget - Things to do - DK Books

Free interactive reflexology maps & widget - Things to do - DK Books


Have I broken a rib?

A client appeared with a sharp pain in the back at the lower edge of the ribs and was concerned that the rib was broken. With palpation a sharp pain was felt at the lateral, lower edge of the bottom rib and with further palpation, at the top of the buttock on the same side.

What is located between the ribs and the hips?

It is the quadratus lumborum, or QL, a muscle often injured by football players. This video will show you were it is located.

The discomfort can often be relieved with trigger point therapy especially in the gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus.